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Bekleme Odası Koltuk
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Bekleme Odası Koltuk

Luca Bekleme Koltuğu Ürün Kodu: lka01

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Trunk of hornbeam tree

Over gray sponge

Feet of the Hornbeam Tree

Can be produced in any color with leather or fabric

Polish color can be any color

Width: 61 cm

Height: 82 cm

Seat height: 47 cm

Depth: 64 cm

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Bekleme Odası Koltuk

Buca Lounge Seating Chair will be able to sit in office chairs designed specially for them while waiting for your guests. These seats generally occupy a place among office chairs that have become part of urban life . Everything is considered for the comfort of your beloved guests who will sit in this seat while they are being produced. All materials and furniture in the office should be addressed to the eye. Thus, you will be able to make your portfolio much larger. With its hornbeam body and hornbeam feet, it has a skeleton that can be used for years. It is furnished with gray sponge and it is designed to be comfortable. It is also possible to obtain a very modern and permanent appearance by pouring the lacquer. 

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