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Kumaş Bekleme Koltuğu

Rana Düzayak Kapitoneli Bekleme Koltuğu Ürün Kodu: rna01

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Kumaş Bekleme Koltuğu şık bir dekorun çıkmasına hem de kişilerin rahat bir ortamda zaman geçirmelerine vesile olmaktadır..

Trunk of hornbeam tree

Gray Sponge

Feet of the Hornbeam Tree

Can be produced in any color with leather or fabric

Polish color can be any color

Width: 62 cm

Height: 96 cm

Seat height: 47 cm

Depth: 77 cm

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Kumaş Bekleme Koltuğu

The first choices of the people who want to decorate their office or offices with classic style seats and to sign extremely stylish designs are mostly R Mainhead Quilted Waiting Seat . In fact, the design of these seats, which are reminiscent of the classic seats of old-time, the use of mostly hornbeam trees increases the durability and life span. In addition, it can be covered with leather or fabric in every color and the polish used in wooden parts according to the demand from the customer can also be used in different colors. Office Chairs Models These special seats, which have a special place with their many features at any time, cause a stylish décor and people to spend time in a more comfortable environment.

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