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Berjer Bekleme Koltuğu
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Berjer Bekleme Koltuğu

Ülker Berjer Bekleme Koltuğu Ürün Kodu: ülk01

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Berjer Bekleme Koltuğu modern çizgileri ile göz alıcı bir görünüme sahip ergonomik bir modeldir.

Trunk of hornbeam tree

Gray sponge

Feet of the Hornbeam Tree

Can be produced in any color with leather or fabric

Polish color can be any color

Width: 85 cm

Height: 102 cm

Seat height: 48 cm

Depth: 90 cm

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Berjer Bekleme Koltuğu

You will get a glamorous image thanks to the Ulker Berjer Waiting Seat , which is an eye-catching and unique model for those who love the show . The material of the trunk is made of hornbeam wood and applied on the same material feet with a special design. The color of the lacquer on it can be discarded in any color you want. The length of this waiting chair is 85 cm and its length is 102 cm. The seat height is 48 cm and its depth is 90 cm. It has a rather imposing appearance among the office chairs . You can increase the magnificence by combining this chair with the desired patterns. Although it is a classic model, it has been transformed into an eye-catching, modern style. 

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