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Ucuz Bekleme Koltuğu
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Ucuz Bekleme Koltuğu

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Ucuz Bekleme Koltuğu Gürgen ağacından yapılmış olan gövde ve ayaklara sahip olan bu model farklı bir yapıya sahiptir.

Trunk of hornbeam tree

Gray Sponge

Feet of the Hornbeam Tree

Can be produced in any color with leather or fabric

Polish color can be any color

Width: 90 cm

Height: 80 cm

Seat height: 74 cm

Depth: 66 cm

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Ucuz Bekleme Koltuğu

If you want to reflect your style to your office with different designs, you should benefit from the Space Waiting Chair . This model has a different structure. Thanks to this model produced using gray sponge, it will be possible to serve a very different style. You can have a seat with the color you want by polishing on it. The width of this product, which is the pupil of office chairs ; 90 cm, length; 80 cm, height, 74 cm, the depth is designed as 66 cm. The lack of arms and the format of the feet add a very different and pleasant air and style. Decoration will be your signature. Therefore, you should make careful decisions about decoration in your offices. 

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