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Sepetli Konferans Koltuğu
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Sepetli Konferans Koltuğu

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Chrome Leg

writing board

Leather or fabric production in any color

TSE certified and 2 years warranty.

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Sepetli Konferans Koltuğu Sepetli Konferans Koltuğu
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Sepetli Konferans Koltuğu

Conference and training seminars last for at least two hours, and in some cases it can be seen in five to six hours. In such cases, the seat of the conference chair sitting in the back and back structure should be able to sit comfortably and take notes. Icoma conference chair is designed to achieve this comfort. This type of armchairs made of artificial leather is made of chrome and there is a writing table. The models of office chairs are very important for the attendance of confederation or meetings . You can listen to the subject better and get your notes in the comfortably placed seat. A productive meeting or seminar will enable you to get a lot of information by facilitating your work in both business and normal life.

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