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İkili Konferans Sandalyesi

Ms-200-c Konferans Koltuğu Ürün Kodu: 25

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In our conference chairs; options such as writing board, open arm, closed arm, tread wood or complete fabric coating. There are unlimited color options in our conference seats. The seats of our conference chairs are weight centered. The font folds spontaneously after it is removed from the seat. This system is very advantageous compared to spring systems. Because spring systems will definitely cause you a breakdown in the future. We can do your special work in your projects. Special armrests, special writing table, special fireproof fabrics. Conference chairs used in public schools are available in our company. You can request samples from our one-to-one seats according to the technical specifications.

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İkili Konferans Sandalyesi

Everyone expects a different conference chair. Whose human beings only care about comfort and design while others consider only their health effects. The Ms-200-c Conference Chair has the features to meet the expectations of everyone. It has always been a great pleasure to sit in these seats, which are produced from very high quality and hygienic materials, which add a very different air to the places where they are used and which are carefully researched and selected. These special seats, which can be used not only as conference chairs, but also as office chairs , have taken their place among today's most preferred office furniture since they are designed not to disturb the integrity and health of the human body at the design stage

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